VIBC Annual General Meeting November 16, 2016


We would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting held on November 16th, 2016. 

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VIBC Wants You to Meet our Newest Board Member


VIBC is honored to have Evelyn Erridge join the Board of Directors. 

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COB 2016 A Huge Success: THANK YOU!


Eight days, ten stages, hundreds of performers, and the beautiful cities of Surrey and Vancouver were once again the centre of #BhangraLove! 

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DJ Khanvict Rocks VIBC


As we continue with our 12th City of Bhangra Festival, we had a chance to get up close and personal with DJ Khanvict (Asad Khan) from Decibel Entertainment. Khanvict will be performing at our Bhangra Heavyweights Afterparty wrapup alongside DJ KSR.  

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The weird, the wonderful, the unexpected—it’s all part of the City of Bhangra Festival, June 11-18. From crashing an Indian wedding to experiencing desi sketch comedy, bhangra burlesque, workshops, and club nights in unexpected places, we promise you 8 days and nights of pushing buttons and pushing boundaries through bhangra like you’ve never seen before.

Join us for City of Bhangra Festival 2016, and share some #BhangraLove!

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Edgewater Casino Joins VIBC as Festival Sponsor


Gaming, dining, promotions, meetings—Edgewater Casino is Vancouver’s destination for all things entertainment. But did you know that Edgewater is also a major contributor to improving the health and well-being of our community? We learned this recently from Jennifer Fields-Bell, the Casino’s General Manager. In the interview below, Ms. Field-Bell describes the wonderful work they do to assist moms, families, and at-risk youth, and the unique employment opportunities they provide for those in need. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Edgewater Casino as one of our Festival sponsors this year. The work they do to recognize and encourage acceptance, inclusion, and diversity is right in line with VIBC’s own goals to enhance our city by creating opportunities for enjoyment, education, and inspiration for everyone.

Thanks again to Edgewater for their support, and to Jennifer Fields-Bell for so generously sharing her thoughts on our partnership. #BhangraLove!

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VIBC Loves Vancity Buzz


Business. News. Sports. Bhangra. Bhangra? Yes, Vancity Buzz has the pulse of local life online, which includes supporting—as well as reporting on—the best Vancouver has to offer in the arts.

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It’s Time We Share the Stage.


This year, VIBC’s City of Bhangra Festival is committed to sharing the stage. We are focused on providing a platform to push boundaries in terms of gender and sexuality—it’s about time we support artists and create space for conversations around gender politics and the barriers women and queer artists face. 

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Countdown to COB 2016


On May 2, we officially launched our 12th Annual City of Bhangra Festival, June 11-18, in the cities of Surrey and Vancouver.

We’ll be firing off details about the Festival pretty much daily in the weeks to come, so stay tuned to, follow us on and @vibc, and you won’t miss a thing!

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Thanks to Festival Sponsor TD Bank Group


As supporters of the Jazz Festival, Pride 365, Institute of Asian Art, and Party for the Planet, TD Bank Group ensures that the arts play a critical role in our communities, contributing to the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods and creating a legacy of lifelong learning and appreciation for the world around us.

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