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Allstars United Bhangra

This up and coming coed team from Victoria, BC shares a HUGE passion for bhangra. They have 15 plus years of dance experience and have recently come together to form this new team. Their dedication and enthusiasm is demonstrated when they perform, and they can’t wait to hit the City of Bhangra Festival stage this year!



PANJ (Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi) | Surrey, BC

PANJ is an all-girls team from Surrey, BC. Since 2008, they have taken part in competitions all over North America, placing and winning trophies wherever they go. Their distinctive bhangra style, rooted in folk with a dash of modernity, will take you on home to the Punjab! 



Royal Academy of Bhangra |Surrey, BC (with Vijay Yamla and Rup Sidhu)

Founded in 2011, the Royal Academy of Bhangra is the first not-for-profit academy in Canada to offer a formal Punjabi Folk Dance education with a syllabus consisting of three grade levels. The Academy’s Dance Director, Hardeep Singh Sahota, was key in the development of the bhangra syllabus program for all Canadian Dance Teachers, BC Branch. The Academy successfully uses the art form of bhangra as a creative outlet to promote skill, discipline, and physical fitness, and to provide team building and leadership initiatives for youth. The school offers training in Punjabi folk dances such as Bhangra, Jhummar, Dhamal, Luddi, and Malwai Giddha.




Shan E Punjab Arts Club | Surrey, BC

This club was founded in April 2007 by a group of passionate bhangra and giddha devotees, all of whom have countless years of practice and knowledge under their belts. Their joint passion for their culture, heritage, and musical art keeps this academy flourishing. Shan E Punjab Arts Club promises to keep the next generation connected with their beautiful folk dances, and to keep the ethnic Punjabi culture and heritage alive.


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Shan-e-Punjab Dance, Performing Arts & Heritage School | Victoria

In April of this year celebrated its 23 years at the University of Victoria hosting a 3 hour youth cultural show - at VIBC we bring to you two of our advanced teams. Shan-e-Punjab is the hub of the development of Bhangra in Victoria and Vancouver Island with the direction of the founder Sonia Grewal; through these goals Shan-e-Punjab has provided volunteer leadership, teaching and managing opportunities for many youth. This year, in partnership with an organization Acheson, Sweeney, Foley and Sahota Personal Injury Law Firm Shan-e-Punjab reached its other goal of supporting education and have offered their first scholarship of $1000.

These students share a true passion for Bhangra and bring their unique style as a team; all of these students are teachers at Shan-e-Punjab and share over 20 years of dance experience. They have shared Bhangra with audiences nationally including Disneyland in 2012, at the 120 year celebration of the Vancouver Island Exhibition, Opening Ceremony of the University of Victoria CARSA Vikes Nation building, Royal BC Museum celebrating BCs 150 years, Bhangra Nation in Ontario, for the Lieutenant Governor General of BC the honourable Judith Guichon, BC Legislature (Premiers Office), 20 year reunion of the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games, TV Commercial for Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and Western Federal Public Sector Unions conference held at the Victoria Conference Centre. They have inspired others including dance schools, public schools and dance companies by holding workshops and teaching others on the Island, as well as mentoring their teams and students.


South Asian Arts

South Asian Arts was co-founded by Gurpreet Sian and Raakhi Sinha in 2005 with an aim to balance the lives of children and adults and develop their individuality through the arts, creating a passion for life. Since then, they have been acti in promoting South Asian dance, music, and culture via dance & music classes, professional performances & workshops, guest lectures, as well as children’s cultural summer camps. They have travelled across British Columbia and taught over 30,000 students in both Elementary and Secondary schools.

In September 2010 and again in January 2011, they offered the first University accredited bhangra dance class in North America at Simon Fraser University. The course received an overwhelmingly positive response with nearly 50 students registered for each semester. In February 2012, they also began offering accredited High School level courses in South Asian dance and music — another first.

The title of “producer” has also become part of their arsenal in presenting comedic plays, musicals, and dance dramas. Over the past six years, they've partnered with some amazing organizations including New Works, the PuSh Festival, neworldtheatre, and the Cultural Olympiad, to name a few. In 2009, they wrote, created, and produced an outdoor, interactive, dance & live music play called Bollywood Wedding, which was awarded the "Best Outdoor Interactive Theatre Events of 2009" by the Georgia Straight.

With prestigious South Asian dance and music performances ranging from the 2009 Juno Awards to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, they’ve firmly established themselves as a premier organization successfully promoting the rich cultural diversity of British Columbian artists to widespread audiences. We are committed to artistic excellence through innovation and creativity.


Surrey Folk Bhangra Club | Surrey, BC 

Surrey Folk Bhangra Club was founded by a group of young men who shared a love for bhangra and the desire to exhibit folk dance to audiences everywhere. The Club has now expanded to include teaching and promoting the art form of bhangra, in order to increase awareness of their rich Punjabi culture.


Surrey Indian Arts Club

Surrey India Arts Club | Surrey, BC (Saturday)

Formed in 1975, Surrey India Arts Club is formed of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to preserving and promoting Punjabi/Indian language and traditions. In addition to performing at such major Canadian events as Expo 86, the Montreal Olympics, the Dragon Boat Festival, and Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver, Surrey India Arts Club has also taken part in events south of the border, such as the 2004 Blowout Bhangra 11 conference at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC, and the 10th Annual Punjabi American Festival in Yuba City, CA, where they performed alongside Jazzy B. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at Downtown Bhangra this year!

Instagram: @siacbhangra

Video gallery:



UBC Ladies Bhangra Team | Vancouver, BC

Meet the UBC Girls Bhangra Team, a group of enthusiastic students who have a limitless passion for dancing! They enjoy performing at the UBC Bhangra Club’s annual fundraiser, “Exhibition India” (which this year raised thousands of dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation), and at other campus and charity events. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, the team is united through their love of bhangra, and extremely proud to represent UBC on the prestigious VIBC stage. 



Vancity Bhangra | Surrey, BC

This Surrey team was established in 2012 through collaboration between young members of two local bhangra teams: PANJ Bhangra and BC Cultural Bhangra. The boys of Vancity love to showcase their passion for bhangra, and have already been acknowledged as worthy competitors on the bhangra circuit, winning Best of the West 2012, and placing second at Best of the West 2013. They enjoy performing as part of local celebrations, in music videos, and on stage with great artists. 




 More info on teams to come. 


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