DJ SANJ’s career started while living in Toronto, Canada. He produced several hit Desi mix tapes in the late 90′s, and in the past decade he’s escalated from a local DJ to international superstar. DJ SANJ is the only producer to have multiple production deals with Bollywood Giant Eros Entertainment, Universal India, and the UK’s largest Brit-Asian record label MovieBox. In early 2000, DJ SANJ moved to the UK to produce full time for Envy Entertainment, an established UK label producing Desi and Asian flavours. Albums like his “America’s Most Wanted” series and international hits like Das Ja, The Next Episode made DJ SANJ a household name on the British Asian music scene.

After 200 plus songs and over 18 albums to his credit, DJ SANJ shifted his sights to Bollywood. Since his move to Mumbai in 2007, Dj SANJ has racked up a heap of collaborations and hits in the Bollywood film industry. He worked on “Love Aaj Kal,” one of the highest grossing Bollywood films of the last decade, and is currently the most sought-after Desi producer and DJ in the world.