What’s the connection between India and the Balkans? The short answer is… the Roma. While most Roma (gypsies) have been settled in Europe for hundreds of years, no one doubts that their roots are in India. Many clues can be found in their language and customs, and Balkan Bhangra showcases the similarities between the Roma interpretation of Southern Balkan brass  wedding music and Indian brass wedding music. Orkestar Slivovica represents the Balkan Roma tradition of Southern Serbia and Macedonia, while Vijay Indian Brass Band demonstrates India’s version. Adding visual elements are Luciterra Bellydance and the Vancity Bhangra Dancers. Join these four outstanding groups on Friday, June 6 at 9 pm and Saturday, June 7 at 12 noon at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and see what happens when these traditions are mixed and mingled into one spectacular show!

Orkestar Slivovica: orkestarslivovica.org

VanCity Bhangra: https://www.facebook.com/vancity.bhangra.1?fref=ts

Vijay Indian Brass Band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nda8YP1i8IY

Luciterra Fusion Bellydancers: http://www.luciterradance.com